Saturday, April 3, 2010

Simple Ways to Saving Energy

Below are simple ways to save energy effective, if done properly can reduce further expenditure of water, electricity and vehicles.

1. When a TV, DVD and other communication devices are not used, the source of electrical power is turned off (TVs and DVDs in the STAND BY position still consume a few watts of electrical power)
2. At the time not being used, turn off the computer and monitor. Many who argue that the save mode of the monitor is to save electricity, is actually a design to reduce wear monitors. in fact, it can reduce electric power consumption with hibernate modes. At the time the computer is in hibernate mode electric power consumption will be reduced up to 80%.
3. Use the natural wind to dry the dishes or clothes, do not be dried with a dishwasher.
4. If you want to wear clothes washing machine or dishwasher, wait until the number of dishes and clothes to be washed that enough. Also Try to operate the machines outside the hours when the electrical load at peak.
5. We can take a bath with shower. Used enough water to take a bath.
6. Lower the temperature of the water heater (water heater) up to 120 degrees F (about 48 degrees C)
7. Choose the power-saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent bulbs). High-quality light bulbs sold in the market, not only lighter, more power-efficient, age was also longer in use can reach 5 to 8 years.
8. We Should exercise prudence in driving. Aggressive driving such as speeding, stepped on the gas pedal or brakes suddenly everything is a waste of fuel.
9. We can use the Energy Star labeled appliances or power-saving Energy Saving. These labels indicate that the product has gone through rigorous testing from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and also meets the American Electric Saver Standards.
10. The best to reduce the frequency of opening and closing the refrigerator.
11. Fit curtains or sun protection to reduce the room temperature. In addition, the planting of various crops can not only provide fresh taste even functioning greening the environment.
12. Utilization of AC: the temperature setting is extremely important, temperature 26 ~ 28 degrees C, most power-efficient. In addition, air conditioning filters also need to be washed every 2 - 3 weeks in order to maintain the function of lowering the room temperature and accelerate the circulation of air.