Friday, April 2, 2010

Garbage can Generate Electricity

Rubbish actually not just can processed into fertilizer compost or something, but also could doped for produce electricity. Even, garbage in Jakarta produced average 20,000 tons per day such can manufacture electrical energy helpless 100 megawatt and give income average RP 320 billion per year.

As we know that garbage urban organic basically is biomass (organic component) convertible become energy through number process processing both using nor without oxygen high temperature. Energy generated shaped electrical energy, gas heat energy and cold who many needed industries, like cool storage, office building, and hotel. Including fertilizer for agriculture and plantations

The concept of waste to energy if it can answer a basic consideration when deciding the type of technology will be used to convert urban waste into a valuable product to sell. Big-city production of waste can reach hundreds of tons per day should use technology that can wipe out the waste quickly, in order to avoid congestion. This will also save the investment in the use of the land that is needed. It being given the size of budget for waste management in each year, must be used for technology that can generate yield (earnings yield), which have high economic value. Click Here