Friday, April 2, 2010

Making Flute Water

Flute water is usually sold in stores which it is the result of the distillation process. This process purifies the water through a process of heating, evaporation, and condensation. Money just the same gasoline production process (Premix or Premium) or diesel / In the experiment this time we will learn the process of distilling water.
Necessary equipment
1. Plastic hose
2. Pumpkin boiling or bulb can be replaced with a container that has been emptied its contents
3. Rubber stoppers which can be taken from the flip-flops used.
4. Reservoir bottle of the former jam jar
5. Heating Stove
6. Flask holder that can be made of container used drinks cans.

1. First we fill the bulb with a pumpkin or turbid water. This water can be obtained from puddles or gutters.
2. Bulb is already filled our water with rubber stoppers the mouth sandals. Then we make a hole to inserted hose in middle of our plugs.
3. Other end of the hose we fill into a jam jar. This will accommodate a jam jar of water that has been purified by distillation process.
After all is ready, boil water in the flask. Water vapor will enter into the hose. In the interval, water vapor will condense and melt. Water drops will go into the bottle as a reservoir of pure water.