Sunday, April 4, 2010

Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Potential

Indonesia is the biggest country one's, as we know it possible to find anything like source energry. Wind, Oil and Gas, solar energy for example.
Indonesia has a large new and renewable energy potential, which includes 450 MW of mini/micro hydro power, 50 GW of Biomass, 4,80 KWh/m2/day solar power, 3-6 M/sec wind power, and 3 GW of nuclear energy. This new new and renewable energy potential is explained by the Director General of Electricity and Energy Conservation at the Focus Group Discussion on the Supply and Demand of New and Renewable Resources held by Pusdatin ESDM.

Currently the development of renewable energy is regulated by Presidential Decree No.5 / 2006 regarding the national energy policy. This decree states that the contribution of new and renewable energy in the 2025 national primary energy mix is estimated at 17%, consisting of 5% biofuel, 5% geothermal power, biomass, nuclear, hydro, and wind, and also liquefied coal at 2%. The government will take measures to to add the capacity of Micro Hydro power plants to 2,846 MW by 2025, Biomass of 180 MW by 2020, wind power (Bayu power plant) of 0,97 GW by 2025, solar of 0,87 GW by 2024, and nuclear power of 4,2 GW by 2024. The total investment needed for this development of new and renewable energy sources up to the year 2025 is projected at US$ 13,197 million. for more