Friday, April 9, 2010

Three Methods to save Our Earth from Global Warming

Over the years, people have become more and more destructive of the environment and natural resources. In past history, people relied heavily on the land for day to day living, and much of what was used was natural in context. For example, the earliest homes were built by hand using natural lumber that was allowed a period of growth and replenishment. However, as time went on, more and more time saving devices and inventions were introduced, with many of them having harmful side effects on the environment.

Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with progress, there can be detrimental environmental effects when people are not careful with natural resources and become inconsiderate of the environment. One of the side effects of such carelessness that is cause for much concern lately is global warming. As temperatures rise and shorelines recede, this problem can no longer be ignored.

Over the past century, the neglect of the environment has resulted in the buildup of excessive carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere resulting in a rise in average temperature by a full degree. If the issue of global warming is continually ignored, temperatures are apt to rise much more quickly in this century having a debilitating impact on the Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

However, there are steps that you can take to help curb the effects of global warming on the environment. One of the simplest things that you can do to reduce the impact of global warming is to make better lifestyle choices each day concerning the environment. Here are three methods that you can implement daily to help reduce the effects of global warming:

(1)Since the excessive use and consumption of fossil fuels is one of the main culprits in global warming, you can choose to rely less on them. This means that you should better choices when it comes to transportation. Walk or cycle if possible for nearby tasks. If you commute, then form a carpool with your co-workers. And finally, choose the most fuel efficient car possible – you may even consider a hybrid.

(2)Another smart method of reducing the effects of global warming on the environment is to make a conscious effort to conserve energy in and around your home and office. Use “Energy Star” appliances when possible and turn off electrical items and electronics that are not in use.

(3)A third method of helping to reduce the effects of global warming is to buy and use recycled products whenever you can. You can also recycle and re-purpose items around your home. These are only a few of the methods that you can implement to help reduce the effects of global warming. If everyone becomes an advocate for the environment, then the impact that global warming has on our lives and future generations can be greatly diminished. Be sure to do your part by actively searching for ways to protect the environment – every little bit helps.

Please, The Earth is asking rest from smoking

Todays People are cigarrete smokers knows that by smoking can hurt they are only hurting themselves. No body want to be hurt by smoking. In fact, bad effects can be caused by cigarrete usage. It can hurt themselves and also around people near them. And actual it can hurt the environment too. We all have to care about this problem. for more

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Potential

Indonesia is the biggest country one's, as we know it possible to find anything like source energry. Wind, Oil and Gas, solar energy for example.
Indonesia has a large new and renewable energy potential, which includes 450 MW of mini/micro hydro power, 50 GW of Biomass, 4,80 KWh/m2/day solar power, 3-6 M/sec wind power, and 3 GW of nuclear energy. This new new and renewable energy potential is explained by the Director General of Electricity and Energy Conservation at the Focus Group Discussion on the Supply and Demand of New and Renewable Resources held by Pusdatin ESDM.

Currently the development of renewable energy is regulated by Presidential Decree No.5 / 2006 regarding the national energy policy. This decree states that the contribution of new and renewable energy in the 2025 national primary energy mix is estimated at 17%, consisting of 5% biofuel, 5% geothermal power, biomass, nuclear, hydro, and wind, and also liquefied coal at 2%. The government will take measures to to add the capacity of Micro Hydro power plants to 2,846 MW by 2025, Biomass of 180 MW by 2020, wind power (Bayu power plant) of 0,97 GW by 2025, solar of 0,87 GW by 2024, and nuclear power of 4,2 GW by 2024. The total investment needed for this development of new and renewable energy sources up to the year 2025 is projected at US$ 13,197 million. for more

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Simple Ways to Saving Energy

Below are simple ways to save energy effective, if done properly can reduce further expenditure of water, electricity and vehicles.

1. When a TV, DVD and other communication devices are not used, the source of electrical power is turned off (TVs and DVDs in the STAND BY position still consume a few watts of electrical power)
2. At the time not being used, turn off the computer and monitor. Many who argue that the save mode of the monitor is to save electricity, is actually a design to reduce wear monitors. in fact, it can reduce electric power consumption with hibernate modes. At the time the computer is in hibernate mode electric power consumption will be reduced up to 80%.
3. Use the natural wind to dry the dishes or clothes, do not be dried with a dishwasher.
4. If you want to wear clothes washing machine or dishwasher, wait until the number of dishes and clothes to be washed that enough. Also Try to operate the machines outside the hours when the electrical load at peak.
5. We can take a bath with shower. Used enough water to take a bath.
6. Lower the temperature of the water heater (water heater) up to 120 degrees F (about 48 degrees C)
7. Choose the power-saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent bulbs). High-quality light bulbs sold in the market, not only lighter, more power-efficient, age was also longer in use can reach 5 to 8 years.
8. We Should exercise prudence in driving. Aggressive driving such as speeding, stepped on the gas pedal or brakes suddenly everything is a waste of fuel.
9. We can use the Energy Star labeled appliances or power-saving Energy Saving. These labels indicate that the product has gone through rigorous testing from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and also meets the American Electric Saver Standards.
10. The best to reduce the frequency of opening and closing the refrigerator.
11. Fit curtains or sun protection to reduce the room temperature. In addition, the planting of various crops can not only provide fresh taste even functioning greening the environment.
12. Utilization of AC: the temperature setting is extremely important, temperature 26 ~ 28 degrees C, most power-efficient. In addition, air conditioning filters also need to be washed every 2 - 3 weeks in order to maintain the function of lowering the room temperature and accelerate the circulation of air.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Making Flute Water

Flute water is usually sold in stores which it is the result of the distillation process. This process purifies the water through a process of heating, evaporation, and condensation. Money just the same gasoline production process (Premix or Premium) or diesel / In the experiment this time we will learn the process of distilling water.
Necessary equipment
1. Plastic hose
2. Pumpkin boiling or bulb can be replaced with a container that has been emptied its contents
3. Rubber stoppers which can be taken from the flip-flops used.
4. Reservoir bottle of the former jam jar
5. Heating Stove
6. Flask holder that can be made of container used drinks cans.

1. First we fill the bulb with a pumpkin or turbid water. This water can be obtained from puddles or gutters.
2. Bulb is already filled our water with rubber stoppers the mouth sandals. Then we make a hole to inserted hose in middle of our plugs.
3. Other end of the hose we fill into a jam jar. This will accommodate a jam jar of water that has been purified by distillation process.
After all is ready, boil water in the flask. Water vapor will enter into the hose. In the interval, water vapor will condense and melt. Water drops will go into the bottle as a reservoir of pure water.

Garbage can Generate Electricity

Rubbish actually not just can processed into fertilizer compost or something, but also could doped for produce electricity. Even, garbage in Jakarta produced average 20,000 tons per day such can manufacture electrical energy helpless 100 megawatt and give income average RP 320 billion per year.

As we know that garbage urban organic basically is biomass (organic component) convertible become energy through number process processing both using nor without oxygen high temperature. Energy generated shaped electrical energy, gas heat energy and cold who many needed industries, like cool storage, office building, and hotel. Including fertilizer for agriculture and plantations

The concept of waste to energy if it can answer a basic consideration when deciding the type of technology will be used to convert urban waste into a valuable product to sell. Big-city production of waste can reach hundreds of tons per day should use technology that can wipe out the waste quickly, in order to avoid congestion. This will also save the investment in the use of the land that is needed. It being given the size of budget for waste management in each year, must be used for technology that can generate yield (earnings yield), which have high economic value. Click Here

Cassava and Palm Oil to Alternative Energy

Advances in technology are now able to transform cassava and palm oil into alternative energy in overcoming the crisis of fuel oil.
Cassava can be processed into bioethanol and palm oil into biodiesel that can be utilized by mixing ten percent of the four types of fuel.
Mixing of fuel with 10 percent bioethanol and biodiesel is very possible, as required internationally.
Therefore, the more expensive crude oil prices, some alternatives to save on fuel usage has been offered, including cassava processing technology and oil palm.
If both types of mixing materials that fuel can be produced, will be able to save at least Rp 9 trillion a year in fuel subsidies. Click Here

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cassava Battery

Cassava is very easy to get and cheaper too; a small cassava stems are cut into four parts. with zinc and copper plates stick and then connected with a small cable to the calculators and digital watches. The result? Secondly it lights up and stays accurate!
Cassava can produce electricity because it contains a liquid electrolyte to produce electricity. 'For that I call this simple technology Cassava Batteries'.
I am interest with this articel after reading in internet and various books if apples and oranges can also generate electricity. 'Starting from where I was interested in continuing this invention. I suspect other fruit, even cassava can also generate electricity.