Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Tips to stop Global Warming

We know that our earth become sad with our behaviour. We must know how to create and care with all happen today. Don't stop to do something we have to do. Global warming is here and it's entirely up to members of the human race to stop it. Each time we get into a car or buy something from a restaurant, we are effectively adding to the effects and dangers the excess use of fossil fuels have on the environment.

The problem isn't simply about just adding a couple of degrees to the global temperatures being experienced all over the world. This is about a whole lot more such as the melting ice caps that will send some of the worlds best farmlands into oblivion, thereby reducing our global food supply. It's also about the displacement that will occur in cities such as London. New York and Bangkok, the rising of ocean waters will flood a lot of the habitable places in the lowland regions of the world. It's also about the spread of diseases that we once thought had disappeared and diseases that the developed world was protected against; this includes diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. This is also because the insects which can survive at these low temperatures will continue to breed and spread these diseases a lot faster.

Global warming has global effects, and it will also take some work from everyone the world over to control the effects of such warming. These are the four things that every individual on earth can do in other to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide that are constantly being released and trapped in the atmosphere on a daily basis.

Conserve Electricity.

There are so many ways that people can save electricity without necessarily affecting the way that we live.

Turn off lights, appliances, TV's and computers when you're not using them. According to research one computer monitor that is left on overnight uses enough energy to print more than 5,000 copies.
Make sure you purchase appliances that have been certified as energy efficient.
Try to wash clothes inside water that is cold when you can.
Wrap your water heater and keep the temperature at 130 degrees or lower
Install a thermostat that can be programmed
Switch off your AC and open the doors and windows when you can.
Remove traditional bulbs and get newer bulbs which are longer lasting and energy efficient too.

Save Water. You can help save the global water supply by doing all or any of the following:

Place a plastic bottle that is full of water inside your toilet water tank. A toilet will use anywhere between 3 to 5 gallons of water with every single flush. Eliminating some room in the tank may mean that you save up to half a gallon of water each time you flush the tank.
Fix any leaking pipes or faucets immediately
Wash your laundry only when you have a complete load.
Collect and use rainwater in order to water your plants, feed your animals and was any outdoor furniture and you cars too.

Recycle and Reuse. In a landfill even a biodegradable milk container may take as much as 5 years to decompose. These recycling tips may help you save the earth:

Don't buy any disposable utensils such as plates, napkins and cups, try to use washable items and thus save on landfill space and money.
Fill your community recycling containers. Check in your area to know which type of items can be picked up by recycling carriers.
Reuse food containers to keep other items such as leftovers and smaller items too.

Go Green. Follow the natural movement by:

Planting a backyard garden or planting a few trees in your park.
Switching to cleaning supplies that are made from natural products
Starting a compost pile in your backyard or together with your neighbors.
Starting a compost pile in your backyard or with a group of neighbors
Buy organic foods and other organic products
Eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. This way you save on packaging waste. For More